Microsoft Word

What is it?

Microsoft Word is a word processor which allows you to create, edit and share documents.

Microsoft Word will allow you to:

  • Create a wide range of documents including notes, essays, letters and receipts.
  • Use a mail merge function that will allow you to send one document to a large number of people with name and address.
  • Create teaching materials such as lecture scripts and assignment information sheets.
  • Create and convert PDF files.


Instructions for staff and postgraduate research students on how to install Microsoft 365 are available here:

Learning about Word

You can learn about all of the elements in Word for free in the Word help & learning centre.

There is a comprehensive Getting Started guide to take you through the basics.

Learn about collaboration (Share and co-author your documents).

Learn how to format your documents.

Learn how to work with pages and layouts.

Learn how to work with tables and pictures.

Learn how to use templates and forms.

Learn how to mail merge.

Information handling

Continue to adhere to the Information Governance Office Best practice guidance on sharing and storing information and Records Retention Schedule whenever you’re working with data.

Need help on information handling? Contact your Information Governance Guardian.


The limitations of Microsoft Word are listed in Operating parameter limitations and specifications in Word.

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