Cyber security

Cyber security is a high priority for the University, to keep both you and our information secure. Getting the right technology in place to help with this is essential; however our behaviour and actions are just as important. A recent study by IBM revealed that 95% of all cyber security incidents involved human error.

Phishing awareness training

To help yourself stay safe online, we strongly encourage you to take a few minutes and complete our phishing awareness training. The online course involves watching a short video, reading the training tips and taking part in a short quiz and test of your knowledge.

2-factor authentication from Duo

2-factor authentication is an extra layer of IT security which requires you to verify your identity when you log in to some University services. The University’s 2-factor authentication service is provided by Duo.

Cyber security incident

During the week commencing 6 June 2023, we found out that the University was the victim of a cyber attack. The University has a dedicated information and support page for updates.