Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, (M365) is a suite of powerful tools that includes Microsoft Teams, familiar Microsoft Office applications and some exciting new ones too.

With Microsoft 365, you can connect to your resources anytime, anywhere and from any device. Staff and students alike can collaborate seamlessly inside and outside the University, enhancing everyone's productivity.

Additional training videos are now available for colleagues wanting to learn more about M365, these can be viewed alongside information about the courses on the M365 training page on SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 Digital Champions Network

To help our staff and researchers become familiar with Microsoft 365 (M365) applications, such as SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive, we are excited to launch our new SharePoint site for M365 help and support.

The site contains useful training resources including videos and hints and tips. It offers the opportunity for staff and researchers to connect with our M365 Digital Champions community – a group of 365 colleagues representing disciplines from right across the University.

Our M365 Digital Champions are easy to spot online as they have been asked to add a silver and gold champion’s halo to their Microsoft 365 profile picture.

Our Digital Champions are receiving training in all aspects of M365. Why not search the community to find out who in your work team is a Champ and reach out to them for some top tips?

MS Audio Conferencing

Colleagues with the appropriate Microsoft licence now have the ability to host audio conferencing whilst running a Teams meeting. This allows those invited to a meeting to join by phone, without using the Teams app, dialling into a phone number provided in the meeting invitation.

To review if this new feature applies to you, simply look up the type of Microsoft licence that has been assigned to you. This is applicable to all those with a Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty licence.

For support, please view our:

For technical issues please contact:

Get started with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 - 'product on a page.'

The range of applications and services listed below are now available as part of our IT Service Catalogue. For each one, we've detailed product information, including what support is available and how you can access it.

Got a Microsoft 365 question?

Connect with your local M365 Digital Champion, for support to find out the answer:

If you need technical help or advice, contact the IT Support Centre:

Installing add-ins

The self-service addition of apps and add-ins for Microsoft 365 Office and associated products is still under review by the IT Service Security Working Group as to how they can be risk assessed and supported. This process should be completed in the near future at which time information will be updated and communications will be sent out to staff.

You also can’t install add-ins for 365 on your personal device, if you’ve installed it via the University. If you have your own licence on your own device, you are of course responsible for managing that yourself, but you should be mindful of information security.

To find out what add-ins you’re using, open an application, then go to File>options>add-ins.