Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook

What is it

OneNote Class Notebook allows teachers to create a digital notebook for each class, group, term, or project. Teachers can create, manage, and distribute instructional content to entire classes or individual students. The flexible, yet structured format works similarly to traditional notebooks while allowing teachers to provide instant, real-time feedback to their students.

Class Notebook includes a personal workspace for each student, a Content Library for shared information, and a Collaboration Space where student groups can work together.

OneNote Class Notebook will allow you to:

  • Organise your lesson plans and course content into your own digital notebook.
  • Create and deliver interactive lessons.
  • Collaborate and provide individualised feedback and support by typing or writing directly into each student’s private notebook.


Install the OneNote Class Notebook add-in to OneNote.

OneNote for Class Notebook offers a self-support model. If you are having trouble with OneNote for Class Notebook visit the Troubleshooting page.

Learning about OneNote Class Notebook

You can learn about all the elements of OneNote Class Notebook in OneNote Class Notebook Training.

There is a comprehensive Getting Started guide that will take you through the basics.

Learn about the Class Notebook tool for OneNote for the web.

Learn about the Class Notebook toolbar.

Learn about managing your Class Notebook.

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