If you require software to help you with your work or study, there are three services which work together to give you access to various applications.

Software Centre

Install software without needing to contact the IT Support Centre. Available exclusively on University managed computers.

Applications website

The Applications website contains information about the software that is available to you from the University. If you're using Wi-Fi or you're not on campus, you need to use the VPN.

Electronic Software Delivery System (ESD)

If you can't download the software you want from the Software Centre, use the ESD to download free and paid-for (with University account code) software. If you're using Wi-Fi or you're not on campus, you need to be connected to the GlobalProtect VPN. You may also need to check your DNS settings on your home Wi-Fi if you're having issues.

Software on the ESD is supplied as a disk image. These are electronic copies of CDs and DVDs which your computer can install. Find out more:

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the version of the Windows operating system from Microsoft which is installed on most University PCs, and is available for staff and PGRs.

Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest version of the Windows Operating System from Microsoft. For now, Windows 11 will only be available on brand new laptops provided by IT Services. It is not yet available on University laptops already in use, or new or existing University desktop computers.

Microsoft Office

Help and support

If you need any assistance downloading or installing software, please contact the IT Support Centre: