Microsoft Forms

What is it?

Microsoft Forms is a simple tool that lets you quickly create a form, collect responses in real time, and view automatic charts to visualise your data. You can build a form in minutes and respondents can fill it out on any web browser without having to install a separate app.

With Microsoft Forms, you can create:

  • Surveys: Collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organise team events
  • Quizzes: Measure student knowledge, evaluate class progress, and focus on topics that need improvement
  • Polls: Find out what the class thinks, where the team wants to meet, or how students/attendees react to your presentations.


Instructions for staff and postgraduate research students on how to install Microsoft 365 are available here:

Note: When signing in to Forms online, you may be prompted to authenticate using Duo 2-Factor authentication.

Learning about Forms 

Forms offers a self-support model. You can learn about all the elements of Forms in the Forms Help and Learning centre.

There is a comprehensive Getting Started guide to take you through the basics.

Learn about sharing and collaboration.

Learn about formatting.

Learn about integration (with Excel, OneDrive for Business, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Streams, Sway, Microsoft Teams).

Information handling

All Forms which capture any information which identifies the respondent must include a data protection statement, informing respondents of how the data they provide will be used and for how long it will be kept and reference to a privacy notice. For further guidance please see Privacy Notices, or contact the Information Governance Office.

Continue to adhere to the Information Governance Office Best practice guidance on sharing and storing information and Records Retention Schedule whenever you’re working with data.

Need help on information handling? Contact your Information Governance Guardian.


Forms has some limitations to be aware of.

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