Microsoft PowerPoint

What is it?

PowerPoint is a computer program that allows you to create and show slides to support a presentation. You can combine text, graphics and multi-media content to create professional presentations for a range of uses.

Microsoft PowerPoint will allow you to:

  • Organise and structure presentations.
  • Create a professional-looking and consistent format for your slides.
  • Provide an illustrative backdrop for the content of your presentation.
  • Animate your slides to give them a greater visual impact.


Instructions for staff and postgraduate research students on how to install Microsoft 365 are available here:

Learning about PowerPoint

You can learn about all the elements of PowerPoint in the PowerPoint help & learning centre.

There is a comprehensive Getting Started guide to take you through the basics.

Learn about collaboration (save and share your PowerPoint presentations).

Learn about design (design your slides using templates, themes, watermarks and headers/footers).

Learn about animations (animate your slides, transitions and insert multi-media).

Learn how to present (print and/or present your slides).

Learn how to work with templates and forms.

Learn how to use slides and text.

Information handling

Continue to adhere to the Information Governance Office Best practice guidance on sharing and storing information and Records Retention Schedule whenever you’re working with data.

Need help on information handling? Contact your Information Governance Guardian.

Share your thoughts and feedback

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