Wireless service (WiFi)

We provide free WiFi for all staff, students and visitors at The University of Manchester:


eduroam is the recommended network for our staff and students, and is a wireless service that you can use in a number of institutions across the globe.

You do not need to log in each time you want to connect and there is no inactivity time out. Also, eduroam has fewer restrictions due to the secure nature of the connection.

Captive portal (University of Manchester WiFi)

Captive portal is another name for the University wireless network. To use this service, connect to the 'University of Manchester' or 'UoM_WIFI' network on your device.

You can connect to the wireless network once you've agreed to the terms and conditions and entered your username and password.

Guest access


The UoM_Guest network provides wireless access for guests and individuals not directly associated with the University.

Academic visitors

Staff can also generate usernames and passwords for visitors that need to use our WiFi. Once generated, guest accounts are valid for 24 hours.