Mobile phones and devices

The information in this section is aimed at staff using University mobile phones and devices.

Products and prices

Vodafone offer us a range of products and prices which are summarised in the following two documents:

Please note that as of Monday 31 August 2020, Vodafone is removing the Unlimited Data add-on option, and this will no longer be available.

Important note about buying an iPad or other tablet

Although the Vodafone product catalogue above lists ipads and other tablets, University staff must order these through the IT procurement process for Purchasing IT equipment instead:

Mobile data usage and charges

We advise that you switch your Mobile Data off, and only use it for work purposes when absolutely necessary. This is to ensure that you do not incur any additional charges for your usage, as well as from apps & email updates which run in the background and can incur charges outside of WiFi areas.

Spend Cap

All University managed Vodafone mobile contracts have an overspend limit of £100 per month above the normal monthly contract cost applied. This spending cap will operate by preventing all calls and data usage outside of a contracted tariff if the £100 monthly overspend limit is reached. More details on the spend cap can be found below:

Other information

Email and calendar access

If you are looking to purchase a mobile phone that allows access to email and calendar, please ensure that is fully supported before purchasing.