Email on mobile devices

The instructions on this page are for University staff and postgraduate research (PGR) students.

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student, please see the 'Taught student email' section for further guidance:

Set up instructions for staff and PGR students

The easiest way to access email on your phone is to download the Outlook app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

The set up instructions vary depending on your device type and a common selection of instructions are available below. Before you begin, we also recommend that you backup all data on your phone (just in case!)

You can find more general information about the Microsoft 365 suite of software - including what's available for use on mobile devices - on our webpages below:

Using your own device?

If your mobile device is personally owned (not owned and provided by the University) you will also need to ensure some additional settings are in place, which are designed to protect sensitive data in case of accidental loss or theft of your mobile device.

As part of setting up your device to access University email and calendar services, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • Your device must have a passcode set of at least 4 characters (if no passcode is currently set on the device, this will be required as part of the setup process)
  • Your device will be set to automatically lock after 5 minutes if left idle
  • Your device must support encrypted data and any removable storage
  • Your device can be wiped by the University if you report it lost or stolen
  • Your device will no longer be able to run any unsigned applications (those that don't have a trusted security seal of approval)
  • Your device will have any remote desktop functionality switched off

You may also wish to refer to the University's Bring your own technology, Standard Operating Procedure before connecting your own device to University systems and services.