Accessing a mail account (staff and PGR)

As a member of University staff or Postgraduate Research student, you can access your email anywhere and on most devices.

Note: If you are an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught student, you need to visit the Student email pages:

Your email address

Your email address is automatically generated when you get a computer account. Be sure to write down the details provided when you go through IT sign up, and keep them safe. Depending on your role at the University, your email address will usually be in the form of: or

Your password

Your University username and password provides access to your mailbox. For more information about passwords, visit the Security section:

Accessing other mailboxes

At times you may need to access other mailboxes besides your own. Role accounts are used to enable collaborative working, such as:

  • a shared mailbox that has been set up so that multiple people can deal with student enquiries; or
  • a shared calendar used to co-ordinate a research project

If you require a shared mailbox or a shared calendar please follow the links below:

Managing another person's mailbox

Managing another person’s mailbox is often needed in situations where, for example, a PA may need access to their manager's mailbox in order to:

  • manage their mail and reply to messages as the PA or on their manager’s behalf; or
  • manage their calendar and book appointments

For more information, please visit the 'Setting up mailbox sharing' page: