Setting up mailbox sharing

To allow other people to access certain items in your mailbox, eg Calendar, Tasks, Inbox (but not other folders), Contacts or Notes, follow these instructions:

If you would like to enable someone else to see all your mailbox folders (such as Deleted Items, Sent Items and all mail folders you have created) then you need to submit a request to the IT Support Centre.

If you would only like to share certain individual folders (while keeping others private) with someone else, then please follow this procedure in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2011 after the procedure above:

By default any messages sent by the designate (assuming you have allowed them to send messages) will be sent on your behalf by them (it will state on the message "sent by <the designate's name> on behalf of <your name>').

If you would like to enable your designate to send messages as yourself (sent message will appear to come from you) you need to submit a request.