2-factor authentication for staff and PGRs

An extra layer of IT security which requires you to verify your identity when you log in to certain systems and services. The University’s 2-factor authentication service is provided by a company called Duo, and is currently available to all staff and postgraduate research students.

How does it work?

In addition to entering your University username and password, you verify your identity through something that you have with you – your 2-factor device.

The easiest and recommended way to authenticate is by using the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet to receive a simple push notification (allowing you to respond with a simple tap), or generate a passcode.

The University IT Account Manager offers self-service options to manage your authentication method and devices.

The roll out of 2-factor authentication

In November 2017 the IT login process changed for all staff and postgraduate research students - Duo is now used to authenticate your login to the GlobalProtect VPN.

Duo is also used to access a growing number of systems and services including:

  • The MyView HR system (where pay information and personal details are stored)
  • The Blackboard online learning system
  • Microsoft 365 (including University email)

When you log in to these systems you need to verify your identity using our 2-factor authentication service from Duo.

Help and support

If you need any further help or advice, contact the IT Support Centre: