Online survey tools

There are two supported survey tools - REDCap (for researchers) and QualtricsXM.


REDCap is a secure web platform for building and managing online databases and surveys. It is intended for use by researchers.

REDCap accounts can be requested by logging into the IT Support Portal, searching for REDCap and completing the appropriate form.


QualtricsXM is the University’s preferred survey tool, as recommended by the Information Governance Office (IGO).

This service provides the capability to create, manage and report on online surveys.

Qualtrics is a powerful, simple to use web-based survey tool.


  • Easy-to-use survey editor, requiring no prior training
  • Dozens of templates and sample surveys to customise for your own use
  • Ability to download data into a variety of formats
  • Qualtrics CoreXM the survey platform, reporting and analysis tools.
  • XM Directory: Consolidate all contacts data together in one place so you can easily run longitudinal or multi-touchpoint studies while also controlling segmentation, contact frequency, opt-outs and spamming
  • Stats iQ: Automated statistical platform that makes analysis quick and easy even for people with no statistical background, giving you the power to uncover meaning in data and identify hidden trends in plain English.
  • Offline Mobile App: Allows the capture of survey responses via a mobile device not connected to the Internet. This is used most commonly for face-to-face interviews and also field research where there is no Wi-Fi connection.
  • ExpertReview Response Quality: Qualtrics captures bots, survey ‘cheaters’ and more. Capturing ‘poor quality’ data early means that you don’t lose valuable resources (such as time and incentives). You can also ensure greater reliability of data.
  • ExpertReview Compliance Assist (optional to implement): Avoid capturing unsolicited sensitive data and Personable Identifiable Information (PII), eg phone numbers, social security numbers, etc. This will be flagged to the survey owners and participant and X-ed out of all data.
  • Actions: Create automated alerts or tickets based on conditions such as an ‘at-risk’ or ‘dissatisfied research participant’.
  • Qualtrics Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration between Qualtrics and third party information systems and databases. This includes the automation of processes such as mass upload or deletion of data.
  • Qualtrics is GDPR compliant and does not own or access your data without prior consent.


All members of University staff and students are eligible to use this service.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Further details on the Service Level Agreement for Qualtrics can be found here:


This service is available 24/7.

How to access

Qualtrics can be accessed using an up-to-date web browser. Staff can access a Qualtrics account by logging in with their University credentials and 2-factor authentication from Duo.

Students can access Qualtrics, when required by their lecturer, by using their University credentials. Currently, students are asked to refrain from using Qualtrics to capture highly restricted data until 2-factor authentication for students is rolled out at the University.


Help and support is provided directly by the Qualtrics Support Team as opposed to the IT Support Centre.

To get help from a member of the Qualtrics Support Team by chat or email, use the ‘Help’ option at the top right corner of your screen when you are logged into your Qualtrics account. Instructions on how to do this are available in our Qualtrics Knowledge Base article in the Support Portal (login required).

There are also lots of resources available on the Qualtrics Support page to help you get started, including guides and video tutorials: