Keep it manageable

The volume and usage of email continues to grow, however it has the potential to create unmanageable workloads and increase information overload.

  • Before you email consider if it is necessary or appropriate. Consider the message and the desired outcome - face to face or telephone communication may be more effective, particularly where the message involves sensitive or confidential subject matter.
  • Avoid interrupting a task you are working on to check your mail – the constant interruptions and distraction can reduce your efficiency.
  • Create a routine for dealing with email (e.g. twice a day).
  • Do not leave messages unread – important messages may be overlooked.
  • Deal with it there and then it will not take long, as it will take longer if you have to pick it up again later.
  • Acknowledge receipt of an email and indicate when you will respond fully, if it will take time to deal with it.
  • Periodically review subscriptions to discussion groups or mailing lists to assess whether there is value in receiving such emails, or whether they are a drain on your time.

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