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IT Services

Learn about cyber security

What does 'cyber security' actually mean? What's a "hacker"? How safe is the information we share online? Watch the animations on this page to find out.

  • Cyber security 101 – what does cyber security actually mean?
  • Cyber codes – how trustworthy is online communication?
  • The secret lives of hackers – what is a “hacker”?
  • A privacy parable – can what you share on social media really matter?

Our top tips and advice

Keep your home or unmanaged Windows PC up to date

If you manage your own computer (ie: if it is not automatically updated by IT Services) you are responsible for ensuring that all software you use is kept up-to-date with the security patches released by the software provider. If ever in doubt about what to install, contact the IT Support Centre.

Never reveal or share your passwords

Beware of phishing scams

Be sure to encrypt all sensitive data

Immediately report any lost or stolen equipment

Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date