Virus protection

Viruses and other malware are a constant threat to all computer users. They can be picked up in many different ways but some of the most common ways of infecting a computer include the things many of us do everyday:

  • using email – by opening an infected email attachment or accessing a malicious link to a web page
  • accessing the internet – by downloading software from malicious web sites or clicking on links on the pages
  • sharing data – by opening files on an infected USB stick or other portable media such as smart phones and removable hard drives

Anti-virus downloads

New versions of malware are released every day, and whilst tools such as anti-virus software are an important defence, no software can detect and protect against all of them.

What can I do to prevent a virus or malware?

There are several things you can do to reduce the chances of being affected by malware:

The National Cyber Security Centre has also released guidance on how to stay safe from 'ransomware', a particularly common kind of malware: