Your password is key to protecting the security of your account. Passwords ensure that only authorised users can access the University's IT facilities. Your password keeps your stored data and information private and secure.

You can find detailed advice on password best practice from the National Cyber Security Centre:

Password disclosure

You must never disclose your University IT account password to anyone. This includes your line manager, IT staff, personal assistants and members of your family. If someone demands a password, refuse to give it and refer them to the University's password policy.

If you can think of a reason why you need to share your password, contact the IT Support Centre as there should be an alternative option.

Changing your password

If you need to change your password for any reason, please follow our instructions:

Why do I need a strong password?

Criminals have developed programs that automate the ability to guess your password. The longer and more complex your password is, the more difficult it is to discover it. Weak passwords can be easily broken by someone with minimal skills and the right tools.

It is vital that your password meets the requirements of the University's password policy: