Data handling

If you are responsible for handling sensitive data, it is essential you do so securely and in accordance with University policy.

There are three types of sensitive data handled at the University:

1. Personal data

Sensitive personal information includes sexuality, disability, race, political affiliation, age, salary, criminal convictions. Other personal data could include home address or photographs. If an individual can identify themselves uniquely from any set of data this too must be treated as sensitive data.

2. Commercially sensitive data

Any data likely to harm the University commercially if it got into the public domain. This typically includes trade secrets, financial information and intellectual property. It also includes research data in the University context.

3. Policy not yet in the public domain

Internal and confidential policy not yet in the public domain.

Further information

If you have any questions in this area, please contact your line manager or the Information Governance Office. You may also find it useful to explore the downloadable resources on this page.