Disposal of unsuitable equipment

Where redundant equipment cannot be reused within the University, there is a formal agreement with Computer Disposals Limited (CDL) who remove such equipment to their premises.

Please ensure that all items are ready for collection ahead of ticket submission and that if a cage is being used it is filled no more than half full.

Once at CDL, all equipment is sorted and recorded in an asset report. This asset report is provided to the University, along with annual data on the amount of waste that is removed from the University. The University disposed of nearly 72 tonnes of redundant IT equipment in 2012/13.

CDL has an obligation to ensure that they employ the best practices available to recover and prolong the life of equipment that they collect. As a result of this, they reuse 75% of all equipment that passes through their facility.

Equipment is redeployed through proven and tested routes to market that include the UK, Eastern Europe and Pakistan.

The residual waste streams generated are recovered in the UK at Approved/Authorised Treatment Facilities A/ATF’s. These are all licensed by the Environment Agency, and as such must employ best available treatment recovery and recycling techniques (BATRRT).