Recycling toner and inkjet cartridges

The University operates a campus wide recycling scheme for used toner and inkjet cartridges.

Used toners and inkjets cartridges can be returned to the Environmental Services Unit Depot. Used toners and inkjets cartridges are collected by OfficeGreen, who give the a University a rebate. This rebate is then donated by the University to local charities.

Returning toner and cartridges

Please return used toner cartridges in their original packaging as this increases the potential for cartridges to be reused. It also means that the packaging will be recycled by OfficeGreen.

Used cartridges must be packed in clear plastic bags and left at your local waste paper collection point. Check with your House Services staff for further details.

Used boxes, inkjet cartridges and mobile phones can should be placed in clear bags for recycling. Clear plastic bags are available from House Services staff.


Simon Atkinson, Waste Co-ordinator