Requesting redistributed IT equipment

Please fill in this form to request redistributed IT equipment:

Redistribution process

  1. You will be asked for details of the equipment you wish to be allocated.
  2. The call will be placed in the queue for the IT Services Recycling Team who will contact you with any further questions before the equipment is prepared for your use.
  3. Items are normally delivered to your location and any old equipment can also be removed at this time.

Operating system

The redistributed equipment will be supplied with an installed version of the University’s current desktop operating system. A user’s existing data and settings can usually be transferred to the replacement machine by the Faculty IT support staff.

Case study

We have taken advantage of the IT reuse service. I would estimate that we have received between 60 and 100 systems, which has saved the department a lot of money. The equipment that we've been provided with is ideally suited to the needs of our staff and has been of excellent quality. I couldn't fault the service.

- Paul Schofield, IT Services, Wythenshawe Hospital