Leadership Team

Director of IT

Patrick (PJ) Hemmaway, Director of IT Services

Applications, Data and Strategy

Adam Grant, Associate Director - Applications, Data and Strategy

Directorate Services

Jenna Covell, Associate Director - Governance, Risk, Compliance and Administration

Information Security, Identity and Access Management

Heather Lowrie, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

IT Service Management

Krista Robbie, Associate Director - IT Service Management

Research IT

Robert Haines, Associate Director - Research IT

Teaching, Learning and Students IT

Sharon Newton, Associate Director - Teaching, Learning and Students IT


Alex Goffe, Associate Director - Technology

Other IT leadership positions

University of Manchester Library

Lorraine Beard, Associate Director, Research and Digital Horizons

Associate Director - Faculty

A new role to help strengthen the relationship between IT Services and the Faculties

Caroline Hargreaves, Associate Director - Faculty

IT leadership structure chart

Information last updated: July 2023