Wireless guidelines and regulations

The use of wireless equipment on campus is regulated to ensure it can be used by all in a secure and appropriate manner.

All users of the campus wireless network must familiarise themselves with the full regulations before using the campus wireless network. These cover the details of deploying wireless devices and specify the acceptable uses for the campus wireless service. Breaking these rules may result in loss of network privileges and disciplinary action.


Under no circumstances is any student permitted to connect any form of Wireless Access Point to the University network. Offering wireless access to a Hornet ethernet point is a breech of the Conditions of Acceptable Use for the network, since it involves both offering networking services and potentially providing data access to others. Students found running a wireless data facility will, as a minimum, have their access to Hornet withdrawn. Use of Access Points in an 'ad hoc' mode with no wired connection to the campus backbone is also unacceptable, as it may interfere with legitimate wireless networks elsewhere on campus.

That said, students are actively encouraged to make full use of such wireless networks provided by the University to assist their studies. These will be appropriately administered and audited for security.

Faculties, Schools and administrative departments

Only centrally installed and managed wireless deployments are permitted on campus.

Staff with existing wireless deployments should contact IT Services as a matter of urgency to bring their equipment into the secured campus scheme. Highstreet WiFi hardware simply does not provide sufficient security for use in an enterprise environment, and therefore represents an immediate security threat of the campus data networks - and so ultimately to your and your colleagues data, and your students work. Where possible, IT Services will work with you to integrate your existing hardware into the campus scheme. However, we reserve the right to require the disconnection of incompatible hardware.

Staff and departments considering the deployment of wireless in their areas should consult IT Services for information on the best way to proceed. We can provide a specification for the hardware required (or order it for you), conduct the necessary wireless surveys, and ensure that your networking context is suitable for the deployment of access points. Following deployment, your wireless access points will be centrally maintained and secured.

Help and support

Any questions or comments regarding the wireless service that are not covered here should be directed to the IT Service Desk.