Remote PC (RPC) cluster access

The University's Remote PC service enables students to remotely connect to PCs in computer clusters without being on campus. It can also be used by staff involved in teaching and learning activities. This easy-to-use service involves you downloading software to access the cluster PCs or accessing them using your web browser.

Please note that our PC clusters are for academic use only, as detailed in our PC Cluster Usage Regulations. Whilst using the PC Clusters or any shared computer device, you should avoid engaging in any activity that might reveal your personal details or private information. Please visit our Cyber Security pages for more information about staying safe online.

You will need to use Duo 2-factor authentication to log into the RPC service.

Connect to a cluster PC

If you've used the service before and know how it works, you can access it directly:

How do I use it?

If it's your first time using the service, or you need a refresher on how it works, please log in to the Support Portal and read our instructions linked below. You can also search for 'RPC' in the Support Portal to find these instructions.

More information