Microsoft Windows 10

Request a Windows 10 upgrade for Windows 7 desktop computers or laptops.

Windows 7 was released more than ten years ago, and Microsoft is no longer issuing security updates for it. Windows 7 devices are therefore a security risk and will be blocked from the University network. However, users can request an upgrade to Windows 10 to retain network connections.

Windows 7 desktop computers (PCs), laptops, laboratory, and shared devices, that do not have formal approval and additional measures applied by IT Services, expose the University to increased cyber risk. For this reason, all Windows 7 devices:

  • Will have network access blocked
  • IT Services will not support any unapproved Windows 7 devices

Users must not take any action to reconnect an unapproved Windows 7 device to any external networks.

Devices will not be subject to the above measures if a requested Windows 10 upgrade is pending, or IT Services have agreed by exception that the device can retain Windows 7. In which case, additional security measures will need to be in place to ensure it can be used securely.

You can request a Windows 10 upgrade and find out more information on the IT Support Portal knowledge base. Use the search term, ‘Windows 10 upgrade’ and select 'Windows 10: Upgrade your University computer to Windows 10'.