Telecoms Liaison Officers

A Telecoms Liaison Officer (TLO) is the nominated contact between your department and the Telecoms team.

We generally only accept requests for telephone services if they are made by a TLO or a Head of Department.

Staff directory

Please inform us of any changes that may affect the details we hold in the staff directory. The details generally required are:

  • Ext number, Name and title, Job title, Email address, Fax number, Room number, Building, Department

Installations, moves, new phones and accessories

For office move, installation, new phone and accessory requests, please email us with a purchase order and finance code. We charge for all of our services, and we cannot begin any work until a purchase order is received.

In addition to the cost code, the following information is required for moves and installations:

  • extension number
  • existing and destination socket number
  • room number
  • precise details as to where socket is to be installed or moved to


To reset the security code to default or to set up voicemail please contact us.

Call information and Tiger reports

Cost and call summaries are produced by the Tiger Prism Reporting System in PDF format (they can also be produced in Excel format if required).

A 'Departmental Cost Summary' listing totals for your department's extensions is produced each month and sent to the person nominated for checking telephone usage and directory information.

If you need an itemised summary for an extension, you can request a 'Call Detail Report' by contacting us with an explanation of the intended use. Please note, additional authorisation may be required from Human Resources to comfirm compliance with data protection legislation.

Class of service changes

There are several access levels available to suit your requirements and we can set a different access level to each of the following time ranges:

  • Office hours (8am to 6pm)
  • Out of office hours (6pm to 8am, weekends and public holidays)

If you wish to change the current level of access for an extension please get in touch: