IT Services

Staff and PGR email

Securing email with 2-factor authentication

IT login changes have been introduced for all Staff and Postgraduate Research Students, with desktop email now protected by 2-factor authentication. Your desktop email will not work unless you have logged into the new GlobalProtect VPN using your 2-factor device.

There are currently no changes to accessing email through the Outlook Web App (OWA), however in the future this will also be protected by 2-factor authentication.

Accessing a mail account

The 'Accessing a mail account section' also contains information about how to access shared mailboxes and manage other mailboxes.

Good email practice

The following pages provide advice around managing your email account effectively:

  • Keep it safeAdvice on how to use email safely, encrypt attachments, avoid viruses and minimise junk email
  • Keep good recordsEmails can be important University records – advice on email record keeping
  • Communicate wellAdvice on how to write email messages that are appropriate, accurate, and easy to read / respond to

Instant messaging (Microsoft Lync)

As an email account holder you also have access to an instant messaging, presence awareness and video call service:


Staff email