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Cyber security

Your cyber protection and online security is our first priority. Getting the right technology in place to help with this is essential; however our behaviour and actions are just as important. A recent study by IBM revealed that 95% of all cyber security incidents involved human error.

Restricted Intelligence

Over the next few months we are running a light-hearted comedy mini-series which focuses on the importance of cyber security around the workplace. Watch epsiode 2 now:

Episode 2 – Browsing

A chain of events is revealed in flashback, as Ellie explains to Rebecca in true CSI style. Lionel was looking for an online solution to his ‘problem' but ended up on a fake site. When he downloaded the tutorial, it allowed a key-logger on to his computer, which identified his login details. That's how Gerald's crucial product presentation got leaked and why he got angry. And you wouldn't like him when he's angry...

Safe surfing:

  • Don’t access anything unless you’re sure it’s safe
  • Internet access for personal use is fine – but be sensible
  • If concerned about anything, contact IT Services

Cyber Security Programme

The University’s flagship Cyber Security Programme will be implementing changes to our cyber protection technology, as well as providing training and guidance to ensure that we are all knowledgeable in how to prevent cyber security incidents and equipped to deal with them, should they occur.

Tips for staying safe online

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