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Two websites work in tandem to give you access to applications software. 

Applications Software Website

The Applications Software Website contains a large amount of useful information about the software that is available to you from the University.

You will find descriptions of each item of software and its capabilities, the terms & conditions of the licences which you will need to be aware of to use the software legally and any license codes you need for the installation. You will find this site useful if your are trying to locate software for a specific task but do not know the name of the software, or if you already know the name and wish to find more details about it. Also use this site to find installation instructions.

Electronic Software Delivery System (ESD)

ESD is a web-based software delivery service. From the ESD Website you can download, free of charge, any site-licensed software to which you are entitled. Other chargeable software is also available for staff only. Note that this system is only available to on-campus machines or to off-campus machines connecting securely to the campus network using the VPN service. Attempts to connect from other sources will fail.

The majority of software applications are supplied as disk images.

Essentially these are electronic copies of CDs and DVDs which your PC / laptop can be made to access as if they were physical CDs and DVDs. See Training Material below.

If you experience difficulties using the site, or a fault occurs, please contact the IT Service Desk


University Account Codes (paying for chargeable software)

Members of staff can use a valid University internal account code to obtain those software licences which are not free.

You will need to register your account code the first time you use the service - there will be a delay while the request is approved - but thereafter you will be able to use your code instantly.

Training Material

Demonstration Video (how to use Microsoft Virtual CD)

Electronic Software Distribution User Guide