IT Services


If you require software to help you with your work or study, there are three services which work together to give you access to various applications.

Software Centre

Available exclusively on University managed staff desktop and laptop computers. Install software without needing to contact the IT Support Centre.

Applications website

The Applications website contains information about the software that is available to you from the University. You can access this on-campus, or through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when away from the University (see more information on VPN in the section below).

Electronic Software Delivery System (ESD)

When the Software Centre isn't appropriate, the ESD is a web based software delivery service for staff and students. You can download site licensed software that you are entitled to, free of charge. University staff can also download chargable software with a valid account code. You can access the ESD on-campus, or through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when away from the University.

To access the Applications website or Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) system off-campus, you will need to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

The majority of software applications from the ESD are supplied as disk images. These are electronic copies of CDs and DVDs which your computer can install. For further guidance, please see the following user guide:

Help and support

If you need any assistance downloading or installing software, please contact the IT Support Centre: