The University has a number of assistive products to suit the accessibility needs of students and staff.

Help and assistance

If you have a particular need that could be resolved by customising your desktop, we can make adjustments to your account settings to achieve this. Please speak to the Disability Support Office if you wish to take advantage of this service.

Assistive software

The University has a number of software packages that you can use when working in computer clusters. This includes mind mapping tools, screen readers, screen magnifiers and more.

Assistive hardware

We also provide assistive hardware in our PC clusters around the campus. A number of our PC clusters have assistive hardware which may be useful to students with physical difficulty using computers, including:

  • height adjustable desks;
  • wider desks;
  • larger monitors;
  • extra input devices;
  • large key keyboards; and
  • trackball mice.

The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons also has a number of number of secure, accessible study rooms.