IT Services

Student printing

Printing your documents couldn't be easier, you can print from your own device or from one of our PC clusters. We also have a specialist print shop that can provide one to one assistance with larger jobs.

Printing, scanning and copying


When you log in to a cluster PC, your printing will be handled by the pull printing system.

To use the pull print system you need to PRINT > TAP > PULL:

  1. Click PRINT in the application you want to print from
  2. TAP your student card on any Multi-function device (Combined printer, scanner and copier) with a card reader
  3. Press the PULL print button, then select your job from the list

Reporting faults

If you need to report a fault with the printer please contact the IT Support Desk on +44 (0)161 306 5544 (or extension 65544). When you report a fault please have the printer serial number, Xerox asset number and the UoM device name at hand (all of these are available on a sticker on the printer).

Further information