IT Services

Paying for printing

There are a number of ways to credit your print account.

Touch screen payment kiosks

There are a number of kiosks on campus, most of which are located in or near central PC clusters.

Online ePayments system

You can credit your central printing account by using your credit or debit card:

You can also use this site to pay any outstanding library fines. In addition, the site will let you view your recent account transaction history, which includes credits via kiosk or epayments, all fine payments, any refunds and all print jobs.

Do not purchase more credit than you intend to use as you cannot reclaim unused online payment credit under £10.00 in any circumstances. Unused cash purchases cannot be reclaimed in any circumstances.

Printing costs

Printing costs are as follows:

  • A4 mono single-sided 5p
  • A4 mono double-sided (duplex) 8p
  • A4 colour single-sided 21p
  • A4 colour double-sided (duplex) 40p
  • A3 mono single-sided 10p
  • A3 colour single-sided 42p
  • A3 mono double sided (duplex) - 16p
  • A3 colour double sided (duplex) - 80p

All prices quoted are on a per sheet basis.


Paying for printing

Unused credit

Unused credit can only be reimbursed if there is more than £10 in your print account, and payment for this was made online.