SafePod Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request access to a dataset?

Accredited researchers may access datasets as part of an approved project agreed with a participating data centre. Links to researcher accreditation processes are provided below, where known. Please contact the relevant data centre directly for more information and to request access to a specific dataset.

How can I book a SafePod?

Researchers can make SafePod bookings via the SafePod Network at

Who can use the SafePod?

The SafePod is available to all researchers, including postgraduate researchers, at The University of Manchester and other local institutions.

How is access to dataset(s) provided?

Researchers will remotely access datasets via the SPN’s secure VPN connection to a data centre’s web portal. Researchers must then enter their project credentials to gain access to their datasets. Statistical disclosure control procedures will be agreed between the researcher and the data centre.

More information

For more information about The University of Manchester SafePod, please contact Further information about the SPN and SafePod locations is available from their website at