Test our new printing system

Information last updated: 11.30am, Wednesday 8 May

Between June and July 2024, we are working with Xerox to install more than 400 new Multi-Function Devices (combined printer, scanner and copier) across the University, replacing most of the existing devices on campus. In addition to improved equipment being available, the way that you send documents to the printers will change.

We need colleagues and students to test the new printing system in advance of its launch across the University, to ensure that it works as expected for everyone. The new printing system will run alongside the existing system while testing takes place.

Update: 11.30am, Wednesday 8 May: There are still a few finishing touches to make on the new printing system before we are happy for our staff and students to test it, so there will be a delay to the start date of the trial. We will post the latest information on this page and social media channels when we have some confirmed dates.

During the trial period, students will not be charged for printing on the new system. Note that this is a temporary arrangement and only applies on the new system; students will still be charged when using the existing system and outside the above trial period.

Important information

  • Free printing for students is only available on the test system during the trial period. The current system will still charge for printing, and when the trial period has finished, the new system will start to charge students again.
  • This is a test service and may not work as expected, so any essential documents (such as coursework or anything with a deadline) must be printed on the current system .
  • We need users of the test service to give feedback about their experience.
  • While the trial is expected to last approximately two weeks, it may be stopped and re-started at any time.
  • The test devices will only be available in the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and Main Library, however people do not need to be based in those buildings to send their documents to the printing system.
  • We will email users of the test system to ask for feedback via an online form (although anyone is welcome to leave feedback at any time as many times as they like)
  • Support during this trial period is provided by the project team, not the IT Support Centre or Library Customer Service Desks.

We intend to start the full deployment of the new devices across campus during early June, after the exam period. Due to the large number of devices we are replacing, this work will take place in phases, which means that some areas will receive the new devices before others. Once the schedule of work has been agreed, we will post it on this page.

Instructions will be added to this page when the trial is live.

Information for current system:

Xerox multi-function devices (MFDs)

You are able to print, copy and scan to any Xerox machine in the University. You need to use your ID card or login with your username and password to collect your documents, but you can use any Xerox machine in any building at any time to collect your documents.

You will need to make sure you select the print queue for the appropriate format of your document. And unlike the old printers, these machines offer a secure and confidential service as nothing is physically printed out until you tap your card or log into the printer.

Further details

  • Free printing is available to all staff and postgraduate researchers
  • Your computer must be connected to the University network to use the staff printing service, and the desired print queue installed before sending a document to print
  • If you need to report a fault, contact information can be found on the label on the front of the printer
  • You can print from a laptop, smartphone or tablet including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux