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Microsoft Office 365

Are you an Undergraduate or Postgraduate taught University student?

You can download the full Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as other applications which are available for offline and online use.

As long as you are a taught student here, you'll be able to use this software for free. There are some exceptions which are explained below.

The vast majority of taught students can get Office 365, however some students who also have staff roles, and MBA students in the Alliance Manchester Business School may not yet be able to use it.

What about staff and researchers?

Visit the Modernising IT webpages for more information.


Some things to consider before you download

After registering, you may need to wait up to an hour for your Windows/macOS download to be activated. If you get a message saying "Please contact your admin. It looks like they haven't assigned you a license for the Office desktop apps", please wait an hour and try again.

Microsoft Office is quite a large application, and can take a long time to install on your computer, especially during busy periods and if you're in an area with lots of other people using WiFi! You may find it easier to install Office in the evening or at the weekend.

You should remove older versions of Microsoft Office before installing Office 365.

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Office 365