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Our new GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection used on and off Campus. Staff and Postgraduate Research students will need to use 2-factor authentication to login to this service.

Our GlobalProtect VPN will allow authorised users to access the systems and applications that are located in Restricted and Highly Restricted security zones.

Downloading and installing GlobalProtect VPN

Follow the instructions in the article below to download and install the GlobalProtect VPN, as relevant for your operating system/device.

There may be a small number of Library catalogue services that are incompatible with the GlobalProtect VPN and it may be necessary to use the older Cisco VPN software to use these services. Please note that GlobalProtect VPN needs to be disabled before connecting the Cisco VPN software.

Linux users

Linux is not currently supported by GlobalProtect; therefore Linux users will have to use an Open Source VPN client. The Cyber Security Programme Team are currently testing this and writing a user guide. When this information is ready, we will link to it from this page.