IT Services

A new way to login

We’re adding an extra layer of IT security for all staff and postgraduate research students by introducing 2-factor authentication. This will change the way we login each day, by prompting all Windows and Mac users to go through a new virtual private network (VPN) called GlobalProtect.

You will continue to enter your University username and password at the usual login screen; however following that, you will then be prompted to login to GlobalProtect. To access this, you will need to use our new 2-factor authentication service, which is being provided by a company called Duo.

You will probably have come across 2-factor authentication already if you use mobile banking. For example, you enter your login details and wait for a code to be sent to you by text - the code is the final piece of information needed to verify your identify and access your account.

Why we need additional security

Passwords can be easy to compromise – they can be stolen, guessed or hacked. By adding extra security, we can make it much more difficult for someone to use your password to access University information and services.

What will happen

  • Later this year (after the start of the new Academic Year 2017/18) all staff and PGR students will receive an email from IT Services with details of how to register with Duo, our 2-factor authentication service provider.
  • Following the registration and sign-up period, the new GlobalProtect VPN will be switched on and all staff and PGR students will need to use Duo 2-factor authentication to login.

Next steps

Entering a password and code

A new way to login