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A new way to login

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We've added an extra layer of IT security for all staff and postgraduate research students by introducing 2-factor authentication. This changes the way we login each day, by prompting users to go through a new virtual private network (VPN) called GlobalProtect.

You will continue to enter your University username and password at the usual login screen; however following that, you will then be prompted to login to GlobalProtect. To access this, you will need to use our new 2-factor authentication service, which is being provided by a company called Duo.

You will probably have come across 2-factor authentication already if you use mobile banking. For example, you may enter your login details and then use a device such as your phone to generate a code - this code is the final piece of information needed to verify your identify and access your account.

Why we need additional security

Passwords can be easy to compromise – they can be stolen, guessed or hacked. By adding extra security, we can make it much more difficult for someone to use your password to access University information and services.


  • On Tuesday 21 November 2017, the new GlobalProtect VPN was switched on requiring all staff and PGR students at the University to use Duo 2-factor authentication as part of the daily login process.
  • The University’s Cyber Security Programme is continuing to roll out 2-factor authentication to protect key systems and services.

Next steps

Entering a password and code

A new way to login