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USB encryption

You are advised not to use USB sticks for the storage or transmission of personal or confidential information. Our IT staff can advise on alternative methods of working with personal and confidential information.

Encrypting a USB stick

If you must use a USB stick to store personal or confidential information, then you must encrypt it. Due to the range of devices available, IT Services do not encrypt USB sticks.

Recommended hardware

Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy Edition

The Kingston DataTraveler Vault is compatible with many popular operating system platforms such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

The device does not require the installation of additional software prior to use and administrator privileges are not required on the host machine. The Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy Edition devices are available from Insight UK via eMarketplace on the University procurement system.

Set of old keys

USB encryption

Please note

If you encrypt your USB stick you may risk data corruption and loss. Also, if you lose your password or pass-phrase, IT Services cannot recover your data from the stick.