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Laptop encryption

Encrypt your laptop

IT Services have procedures in place to handle the encryption of laptops. Requests for encryption should be made through the IT Support Centre.

Travelling abroad with an encrypted laptop

If you are planning on taking your encrypted laptop abroad, you should familarise yourself with the following guidance:

Stolen laptops

When a laptop is stolen or lost it can have serious consequences for the University. For example:

1. If it contained personal data relating to staff, students or research participants, the University may be in breach of data protection laws. This can result in large fines, significant reputation damage and cost.

2. If it contained research or unpublished academic material, the intellectual property may be at risk.
3. When laptops are used to connect to the University's administrative systems and email, they may enable unauthorised access.

The Information Commissioner has fined an organisation £60,000 for the loss of an unencrypted laptop which contained personal information and has powers to fine up to £500,000. The most effective method of preventing unauthorised access to data on laptops is to encrypt them.

Set of old keys

Laptop encryption