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Your safety and security is our key priority at IT Services. This section will help you to use our services safely and ensure that you do not put yourself, your work or the University at risk.

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Security advice

The following tips should help to keep your devices secure against viruses and hacking attacks:

  1. Never reveal or share your passwords. Do not write them down unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Lock your computer or completely log off whenever you leave your workstation; do not rely on the automatic screenlock.

  3. Never store personal information about students or staff on your local drives; use network storage instead.

  4. Turn off file and printer sharing on your computer.

  5. Any kind of personal data sent by email must be encrypted.

  6. Encrypt all sensitive data held on USB drives, CDs or laptops.

  7. Immediately report lost or stolen items like laptops, mobiles, USB drives and ID cards through the appropriate channels.

  8. Verify the security of online payment systems you use.

  9. Limit your print outs to information that is not sensitive.

  10. Secure your computer by configuring it to automatically check for software updates - especially up to date antivirus software.

Help and support

If you have any security questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk.