IT Services

Purchasing for work

IT Services supply, maintain and support end-user IT equipment for staff and postgraduate research students across the University.

We manage the University’s procurement of this equipment (barring peripherals such as keyboards, speakers etc) to ensure it is good value (not just initially, but over its lifetime), compatible with our systems, adheres to University Regulations and can be properly supported.

There are two catalogues of computing devices available for staff: equipment in the Core catalogue will meet the majority of requirements, and staff are entitled to one of these items funded by IT Services. Extended Catalogue equipment is for people with more specific computing needs that our Core catalogue can’t fulfil and if funded by IT will need an explanation as to why the more powerful equipment is required.

There is also a dedicated Postgraduate Research (PGR) Student Catalogue outlining the equipment IT Services will fund for PGR students. This is split into the Core Range, which will meet the majority of requirements, and the Extended Range for people with more specific needs. Extended Range items will need an explanation as to why the more powerful equipment is required and the Core Range is not suitable.

IT Services will fund one computing device per member of staff or student as appropriate.

See the Quick Links section on the right for access to our current laptop, PC & monitor catalogues.

Non-catalogue items can be ordered, but will be subject to a more extensive review and may incur longer lead times from suppliers.

Please be aware: there is a growing global shortage of a range of Intel processors which is currently impacting the lead time for delivery of some specifications of laptops and desktop PCs. We are working on measures to try and avoid this, but this is outside of our control and unlikely to ease in the short term.

Due to an unprecedented surge in demand, there is currently a backlog of hardware requests to process, therefore please bear with us whilst we are working hard to deal with this.

Full details on the University’s IT equipment purchasing and provisioning policy, including guidelines for the purchasing of IT equipment and frequently asked questions, can be found in the following documents:

Making a request

To submit a request for IT equipment, complete the online form below:

You can include more than one item in a request, but please try to log separate requests if ordering for multiple people, as this will help us handle your request more quickly

Delivery times

Items from our catalogues should be delivered and installed within 3 working days of approval (either ours or the budget holder of the account funding the purchase) as long as the recipient is available to take delivery, however this may be longer during busy periods. Please refer to the stock availability panel at the top of this page for more details.

Orders funded from a school or research account will not be invoiced until the ordered equipment is delivered from the supplier and receipted by us in the finance system – bear this in mind if you are close to the end of your budget’s availability period.

Catalogue items are held in stock by our supplier and so should be onsite within a week, but bespoke items and large orders may take 20 working days or more from the date of the Purchase Order to be delivered to us.

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