IT Services

Purchasing for work

IT Services has budgetary responsibility for the provision of IT equipment across the whole of the University and is also responsible for the maintenance and support of that equipment.

We have a catalogue of computing devices that have been selected to meet the vast majority of computing requirements for our staff and PGR students. These items have also been evaluated to be cost-effective, supportable and compatible with the University’s IT estate. See the Quick links section for access to our current Desktop PC and laptop product catalogues.

Full details on The University’s IT equipment purchasing and provisioning policy, including guidelines for the purchasing of IT equipment and frequently asked questions, can be found in our policy and guidelines document:

Making a request

To submit a request for IT equipment, complete the online form below. This records your request and passes it to the appropriate IT team for initial review:

If you are requesting an Extended Range item or a non-catalogue device, a justification will need to accompany your request. This may be one or a combination of reasons, for example:

  • A specific hardware configuration is required (CPU/RAM/HDD size, number of USB ports, special interfaces, etc) to perform the tasks required;
  • That the equipment is required to run specific software that a catalogue item does not support;
  • That the hardware is required to connect to specialist equipment, using non-standard interfaces.

The justification should be entered as free text in the 'Reason for Request' field, within the online request form.

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