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Returning after a break

Can't remember your password?

After returning from a break for a few weeks, you might have forgotten your password. If you have, don't be embarrassed; you aren't the first to do it, and we're sure you won't be the last!

You can recover your IT account and set a new password through the IT Account Manager, which will make it easier for you to get up and running again.

Have you returned to University with any new gadgets?

If you've arrived back after a break with a new laptop, smartphone or tablet, we have instructions on how to get it set up on some of our services.

Staff and Postgraduate Researchers who use their phones for 2-factor authentication will need to register any new devices you want to use. If you have kept the same phone number, you can log into the IT account manager, click Add a new device and choose the call me option:

If you have a new phone number, you will need to contact us.

If you've got a laptop, you'll need to ensure it has anti-virus software installed, whether it's a Windows, Mac or Linux laptop. We offer free anti virus software to our staff and students:

Next, you'll probably want to connect your device to the Eduroam wireless network:

After you've done that, if you want to access your University email on your device, we've got instructions for that too:

Taught students can download Microsoft Office 365 for free, to use on their own laptop or mobile device:

If you’re a student in a Hall of Residence and you’re planning to plug a new laptop into a wired connection, you’ll need to register its MAC (physical) address. Log into your Hornet Account and follow the instructions to change it. Plugging your laptop in without registering it will automatically redirect you to the Hornet login page.

You might want to set up your computer to access some University resources through the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you need any more help, you can find out more information through our Knowledge Base, the IT Support Centre or the Hornet (Halls of Residence Network) Help and Support Pages.

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