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IT Services

Off campus and wireless access to the University network

When you are not on the campus (i.e. from home or whilst working away) or if you are using a wireless access point, you may still need to access the University's computer network.

To do this you will need to install some software on your computer to allow you to use the University VPN service (Virtual Private Network).

The VPN software provides a secure connection between your computer and the University network so that you can access the resources you would normally use whilst on campus, such as some Library provided electronic resources, faculty intranets and datasets.

You must be a University of Manchester member of staff or student to use the service, as you will need your central username and password.

PLEASE NOTE: as of 16th December 2009, peer-to-peer file sharing will no longer be supported whilst connected to the University VPN service.

The Basics

Using VPN