IT Services

Getting started

A new virtual private network (VPN) called GlobalProtect is being introduced for Windows and Mac users. To access GlobalProtect, you will need to use our 2-factor authentication service called Duo.

You will log in to your computer each day the same way as always; however as your computer then starts up you will be presented with another login prompt for GlobalProtect. Here, you will need to:

  • Enter your University username and password, then;
  • Verify your identify through something that you have with you - your 2-factor device.

You can choose your 2-factor device and will be prompted to select this when you go through the setup process and register with Duo, our 2-factor authentication service provider.

All staff and Postgraduate Research students will need to follow these steps to get setup:

Step 1

  • Go to IT Account Manager and sign in:
  • Click the '2-factor (Duo)' tab
  • Follow the Duo enrolment instructions

Step 2

  • Check to see whether you are using a University managed computer:
  • If you are on a University managed computer, GlobalProtect will automatically be installed for you
  • If you are not on a University managed computer, you will need to install GlobalProtect yourself (our new virtual private network):

Step 3

  • Login to GlobalProtect using your chosen authentication method
  • For detailed instructions on using each of the different authentication methods, see:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work in teaching spaces? What happens if you work in an area without wifi connectivity or a mobile signal? All of these questions plus more are covered in our FAQs: