IT Services

Getting started

A new virtual private network (VPN) called GlobalProtect has been introduced as part of the daily login process for all staff and PGR students. To access this, you will need to use our 2-factor authentication service called Duo.

You will log in to your computer each day the same way as always; however as your computer then starts up you will be presented with another login prompt for GlobalProtect. Here, you will need to:

  • Enter your University username and password, then;
  • Verify your identity through something that you have with you - your 2-factor device.

You can choose your 2-factor device and will be prompted to select this when you go through the setup process and register with Duo, our 2-factor authentication service provider.

FAQs and video guides

Take a look at our FAQs and video guides, with over 40 questions answered plus tutorial videos to walk you through the process:

Registering, installing and signing in

All staff and Postgraduate Research students will need to follow these steps to get setup:

Step 1

  • Go to IT Account Manager and sign in:
  • Click the '2-factor (Duo)' tab
  • Follow the Duo enrolment instructions

Step 2

  • Check to see whether you are using a University managed computer:
  • If you are on a University managed computer, GlobalProtect (our new Virtual Private Network) will automatically be installed for you
  • If you are not on a University managed computer, you will need to install GlobalProtect yourself:

Step 3

  • Login to GlobalProtect using your chosen authentication method (the GlobalProtect VPN login box should pop-up automatically from 21 November 2017)
  • If the GlobalProtect login doesn’t pop-up you can enable it yourself:
  • For detailed instructions on using each of the different authentication methods, see: