Guidance for staff returning to campus (2021)

We are planning how best to support our colleagues when they begin to return to the office. So as to avoid a very high number of urgent requests for support coming into the IT Support Centre in one go, we are asking for schools, departments, divisions and directoratesto co-ordinate members of staff coming on campus once it is safe to do so, to carry out a number of checks for their areas/offices. We are asking schools to consolidate resulting support requests as much as possible for each building, and for them to be submitted using the Return to campus form on the IT support portal, with as much notice as possible before staff are expected to return to campus regularly.

This approach will allow us to best plan how to provide the required support, and give us the best chance of enabling staff to begin working in the office again without major disruption.

We are asking colleagues to check the following, and carry out the appropriate remediation:

1. Are all devices’ (laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets etc) operating systems up to date? This should be done automatically when you log on, but if a device has not been turned on since March 2020, updating may take a number of hours, so we advise that this is done before people return to the office to work

2. Does your computer have antivirus installed and up to date?

3. Is there enough peripheral IT equipment (monitors, mice, keyboards, docking stations)? If not, new ones can be requested. We only have a limited number of monitors in stock, and ordering them takes a while, so monitors should be redistributed within schools or directorates where possible before a new one is requested from us.

4. Is there equipment that is no longer needed? Request for it to be removed. Note- desktop and laptop computers must be returned to us; they cannot be redistributed by the school as they need to be securely wiped.

5. Are Windows computers on Windows 10? If not please either request an update (preferred) or a support key if you need to stay on Windows 7 for longer. Not doing so will put your computer, IT account and files at risk

6. Do you need to rearrange the furniture to allow for social distancing? Please make us aware if any desktops need moving within the office, otherwise they may well not work after the move.

7. Can you connect to the internet?

a. We made some changes to eduroam in March 2021. If you have not already done so, you may need to update your settings.:

b. Wired connection- put in a request to the support centre for someone to check ethernet ports, this can take a number of weeks to be resolved so the earlier the better

A full detailed checklist can be found here outlining detailed steps of how these steps can be carried out.