Equipment security


Laptop crime is on the rise and unattended devices are easy targets for thieves. Thieves have been known to steal laptops from cars, coffee bars, libraries, and public transport.

Reducing computer theft

Your computer or laptop should be secured and your office locked when unoccupied. A simple lock, cable and locked office door will deter the majority of opportunist thefts.

Security locks

Laptops, LCD monitors and most computers can be secured with a security lock and plastic coated steel cable. These come in a number of forms from Kensington, the most well known manufacturer. Variations on this theme include security plates that are bonded to two or more items and secured via a cable and lock.

It is also possible to purchase a set of locks which have the same key (suited locks); useful for securing a set of desktops in a computer lab or open plan office. See the Kensington Security section on the Insight website for further information, including pricing.