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VPN software for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Note - The VPN software to download below is under licence to the University of Manchester. Please do not distribute it by any other means other than referring other staff or students of the University to use this website.


Installing the VPN software requires you to download both the software and the accompanying profile.



A 64-bit version of this client is now available. Please read the release notes mentioned in step 2 below. Should this not work, an alternate 64-bit client can be found here.


If you are unsure if your Windows system is 32bit or 64bit, you can find the system type by navigating to:

Start menu > Control Panel > System and Security > System

Step 1



Remember to note the location of where the files are being saved so that you can find the folder again (it might be useful to save it to your desktop).

Step 2

Step 3

  1. Find the VPN software (vpnclient-win-msi-5.0.xx.xxxx-k9.exe) you have downloaded and double click it to extract the files. If you encounter a Security Warning, click Run to proceed 
  2. Note where the files are being extracted to (in the Unzip to folder: field), and click Unzip to being the extraction process.
  3. If the Cisco VPN Installation Wizard does not begin to run automatically, locate where the files have been extracted to and double click the vpnclient_setup.msi file.
  4. Follow all the prompts in the installation process, accepting the default locations for the files.
  5. The VPN software is now installed, but you now need to assign it a profile by following the rest of the instructions below
  6. Go to Start > All Programs > Cisco Systems VPN Client > and click the VPN Client.
  7. From the Connection Entries menu select Import
  8. In the resulting 'browser' dialogue, locate where you downloaded the VPN profile, and click on the Vista-Win7Users.pcf file so it is selected, then click Open.
  9. The process is now complete.

If you have problems with the lastest release of the software you can download the previous version if necessary: