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P Drives - Space on the Network to save your work

You are provided with an allocation of networked file storage space which you can access as the P: drive on any PC cluster computer you log into. This storage space - located on a fileserver - is secure and regularly backed up, and is the recommended place to store your data files, or backups of files you have saved elsewhere.

Tip: If you use the Folders view in Windows Explorer you may not be able to see a P: drive listed. The reason being is that drive letters, in this case 'P:', are displayed at the very end of the drive description text, so you may need to scroll to the right in the Folders pane to actually see the drive letter.

You can also access your P: drive through 'My Documents'. This is a special Windows folder which in PC cluster computers is linked directly to your P: drive. If you save or copy files to 'My Documents' they will in fact be stored on your P: drive.

You can access your P drive through the Internet with most browsers, the address to go to is: