IT Services

Purchasing Apple equipment

The University of Manchester has negotiated a supply contract with Apple that provides our staff and students with access to products at reduced prices.

Purchasing Apple products for the University (staff only)

All requests for the purchase of Apple equipment with University funds should be made through the IT Support Centre.

Your request will be assigned to the Hardware Validation Team who will progress your request. They will also assist in identifying a suitable machine and specification.

Please note: as of June 2017, there is currently a significant delay when ordering Apple equipment due to a recent change in devices offered.

We have been advised by our suppliers that Apple's current lead time for supplying "configured-to-order" devices (i.e. any devices upgraded from the standard Apple specifications) is 3 to 6 weeks. This means that any CTO Apple devices ordered from here MAY NOT ARRIVE BEFORE FINANCIAL YEAR END.

The lead time for "off-the-shelf" standard specification Apple devices may be up to 3 weeks depending on stock. We can check stock levels with suppliers to give you the fastest delivery option if you are flexible with specification and colour.

Purchasing software for the University

Please view the 'Software support' section to check if software you require for work is available through IT Services. If not, the cost of the software will also need to be factored in with your Apple purchase.


Purchasing equipment